Head of department: Prof. Omri Abend

B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor: Mr. Nitzan Guy

M.A. Advisor: Prof. Anat Maril

PhD Advisor: Dr. Eran Eldar

Teaching and Student Administrator: Mrs. Shani Cohen

Students Coordinator: Mr. Shaked Sukiennik

Department Secretary: Mrs. Ziva Rahmin
Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Tel: +972-2-5883758


We invite you to view a variety of labs offered in the field of cognition, as detailed in the menu on the right side and on the list attached in the link below. For each lab, directors, researchers and their contact info are detailed, for any question.

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Lab research project - Everything you wanted to know and were too afraid to ask

Independent research project in a lab - courses 06137, 06147 and 06834

Seeing as many students already wish to plan their academic future, the department has decided to allow and encourage you to participate in an independent research project in a laboratory, which would begin to pave your academic path and give you important field work experience.

The goal is to join a lab in Psychology, Life Sciences, Business Administration, Computer Science, Education etc. and to experience day-to-day lab work. There is a possibility of carrying out an entire research project, including preparing an experiment, running it on participants and analyzing its results. Also, it is possible to join a lab’s current activity and to participate in projects already under way.

Participation in a lab project is worth 4 credits and it is designated for B.A. students in first and second years and for M.A. students. The project can be carried out in semester A, semester B, or throughout the year (depending on the student’s curriculum and the specific lab requirements). Upon completion of the project, a short report is to be submitted to the lab director, summarizing the project (mostly a few pages, but depending on lab requirements), which would be graded.

We especially recommend using this project for writing a seminar paper, in which case the project would entitle 8 credits - 4 credits for the project itself, and 4 more credits for the seminar paper (the lab director may give a single grade for all 8 credits, but alternatively may decide to give a separate grade for the research project and for the seminar paper). Those wishing to write a seminar paper would probably need to commit to a full year, due to the need to carry out an entire project.

In order to take part in a lab project, it is required to register for the “Independent Laboratory Project” course number 06137 (for B.A. students, second year), 06147 (for B.A. students, third year), or 06834 (for M.A. students), and which appears in the university’s registration system. Simultaneously, it is required to contact the lab you wish to work in and to explain you are a student in the Department of Cognitive Science and wish to participate in a research project in the lab. It is quite possible that the lab director would request to meet you and conduct a form of interview before accepting you to the lab. In your conversation with the lab director, you would also be able to inquire about the possibility of working only for a single semester and the director would be able to state their preferred semester. It is recommended that those interested in participation only in semester B would contact the lab of their choice sooner than later, in order to find out details and to save their spot.


Attached is a file with details of labs interested in accepting students from the Department of Cognitive Science. In the file are presented main research topics of these labs, their prerequisites and their preferences regarding the spreading of workload during the week and the semesters. Note that it’s possible to choose any advisor, even if absent from the list, provided that their area of work is somehow related to cognition and they have confirmed their participation and committed to guide you and exam the paper you will be submitting upon the project’s completion. More ideas for advisors can be found in the attached list under that label. It is also possible to contact lecturers absent from this list, so long as their area of work is related to cognitive science and enables a research oriented project.