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Dr. Ayelet Landau, B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor -

Prof. Hilla.jacobson, M.A. Advisor              

Ms. Ziva Rahmin, Secretary - Tel: 00-972-2-5883758,, Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00 



Registration to a master’s degree - M.A.

Attention! Registration procedures have changed, the new procedures can be found in this link.

A request to register to an M.A. in cognitive science should include:

  1. A registration form
  2. A B.A. grade sheet
  3. A short letter of request (between one and two pages), detailing your interest in M.A. studies in cognition (please refrain from statements such as “cognitive science is an interesting area”), specific area of interest, potential advisor/s. In addition, please describe any research experience you possess (work as a research assistant, seminar papers, etc.).
  4. It is advised to submit a letter of recommendation from the potential advisor. Adding this letter would increase chances of acceptance when examining acceptance information.

Acceptance to the program is competitive, based on grades on letter of request. Priority is given to students with research experience, and/or candidates who have contacted an advisor and have ideas for research subjects. This priority is based on the master’s program being an individual program, not providing an “external” academic framework, i.e. one that isn’t based on a curriculum devised by the student with an advisor.

A partial list of faculty members belonging to or associated with the Department of Cognitive Science is found under “People” and under “Laboratories”.

Examples for paper titles written in the program are displayed in the department website.

Information should be sent to Ziva, the Department of Cognitive Science, Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, zipcode: 91905.

Students who are not Hebrew University graduates must also register in the Office of Student Registration. It is also possible to register via the university website at

Students who have concluded their bachelor’s studies before 1976 must also register in the Office of Student Registration.

Students who have concluded their bachelor’s studies abroad are to register in the International School - Boyer building, Mount Scopus (tel: 02-5882607).

Students of the Hebrew University are to pay a registration fee. A “registration fee voucher” can be obtained in the faculty offices.

For counseling and guidance it is recommended to contact Prof. Amir Amedi, M.A. counselor - Telephone: 02-6787259, email address:, reception hours in advance.

The department office is open Sun-Thu between 10-13, Australia Complex, Mount Scopus campus. Telephone: 02-5883758.

We will be happy to assist with any questions.