Head of department: Prof. Hilla Jacobson    

B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor: Mr.Nitzan Guy

M.A. Advisor: Prof. Anat Maril

PhD Advisor: Dr. Eran Eldar

Teaching and Student Administrator: Mrs. Shani Cohen

Students Coordinator: Mrs. Gon Yishay

Department Secretary: Mrs. Ziva Rahmin
Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Tel: +972-2-5883758

Minor Studies

The goal of the Minor program is to enable students to take part in one of the research areas related to cognitive science and broaden their knowledge in others. The Minor program is open to 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students.

Admission criteria: An average of at least 85 in 1st year's grades, and a basic Logic course with a grade of at least 85. The scope of the studies in the progran is 32 credits for B.Sc. students and 16 credits for B.A. students. Participation in the Minor program requires authorization of the B.A. advisor or office approval.

The course composition will be determined in coordination with the program adviser by e-mail:

or with the program secretary, Mrs. Ziva Rahmin by e-mail: