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Dr. Ayelet Landau, B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor -

Prof. Hilla.jacobson, M.A. Advisor              

Ms. Ziva Rahmin, Secretary - Tel: 00-972-2-5883758,, Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00 



The bachelor’s degree program was introduced in 2001, in addition to a master’s degree program, and a more compressed academic minor, which were also previously available. The program’s goal is to introduce students to content, research methods and the different types of thought characteristic to cognitive science, thereby developing flexible thinking and interdisciplinary proficiency which will open various employment opportunities to graduates. Alumni of the program would, among other options, be able to carry out further research in cognitive science, and to specialize in unique fields in the hi-tech industry, such as computational linguistics, language and logic, neural computation, and computation and music.

The program is a joint effort involving the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Science, and the School of Education. It offers a full bachelor’s degree (B.A.), a bachelor’s minor and a and a full individual graduate program (M.A.).