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Head of department: Prof. Hilla Jacobson    

B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor: Mr.Nitzan Guy

M.A. Advisor: Prof. Anat Maril

PhD Advisor: Dr. Eran Eldar

Teaching and Student Administrator: Mrs. Shani Cohen

Students Coordinator: Mrs. Gon Yishay

Department Secretary: Mrs. Ziva Rahmin
Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Tel: +972-2-5883758

Prof. Yosef Grodzinsky

Research fields: functional anatomy of language, linguistic theory (syntax, semantics), language acquisition, aphasia, individual variation
Safra campus (Givat Ram), Silverman building, wing C, 6th floor. Office hours: Thursday 13:00-14:00
Prof. Grodzinsky is the head of the Neurolinguistics Laboratory at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC), and studies the neural bases of linguistic knowledge and processing. Linguistic knowledge (about how phonemes combines into morphemes and words, which in turn combine into complex meanings) is characterized by Linguistic Theory; processing ability stems from the implementation of this knowledge in cognitive structures that are supported by neural mechanisms. The Neurolinguistics Lab studies the intricate relation between these, that results in that rich ability that we humans have - the ability to express ourselves freely, and understand others who do so. We try to get a glimpse of the linguistic brain in health as well as in brain disease.