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Head of department: Prof. Hilla Jacobson    

B.A. and Minor Studies Advisor: Mr.Nitzan Guy

M.A. Advisor: Prof. Anat Maril

PhD Advisor: Dr. Eran Eldar

Teaching and Student Administrator: Mrs. Shani Cohen

Students Coordinator: Mrs. Gon Yishay

Department Secretary: Mrs. Ziva Rahmin
Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Tel: +972-2-5883758

Prof. Yonatan Loewenstein

Research fields: neural basis and computational principles of cognitive processes (perception, learning and behavior), neural networks, decision making
Edmond J. Safra campus (Givat Ram), Department of Neurobiology, Silberman building, Room 3-342
I am interested in understanding the computational principles underlying complex behaviors and cognitive processes, and how these emerge from the (relatively) simple microscopic physical processes in the brain. In particular, I am interested in the neural basis and computational principles underlying operant learning. To that goal, I study the behavior of humans and animals in controlled and natural conditions, and develop computational and mechanistic neural networks models to explain these behaviors. Additional areas of research in my laboratory include unsupervised learning in perception, and the dynamics of synapses in the cortex and its relation to learning.